Thursday, June 9, 2011

Nick Jonas 06.08.11

Decided to go into the city to try and meet him yesterday because my first time I met him, I had no voice to talk to him. Got there super early to fox and friends. He came out a few minutes after his interview and met all the fans standing there.
He's super nice : ) After that, we wanted to go to whole foods/ jamba juice for some food and drinks to celebrate. As we left, we saw that a huge bus parked outside the trump hotel. This was on it.
We couldn't believe he was there. So we stood outside and a few mins later Nick came out of the hotel! I didn't get a picture because there were fans that haven't met him yet there. He went and did an interview and went back into the hotel. Then my friend Keeley came and wanted a picture with Nick so we waited till he came out. She was about to get a picture and some girl stole him from her. We were determined to get her picture after that.

Next, we heard from people that Nick was going to be at the mtv studios to be doing a promotion thing for chewy bars. So we go get some John's pizza and head over to mtv. We were jamming to music when Keeley got a text from the producers of The Seven saying "If you're in NYC and want to see Nick Jonas, tweet me back with your names". So we all tweet her and my friend Brittany gets a dm back saying we got tickets! We run over to where the producer said she would meet us. Few minutes after that, all the fans decided to run over as well. The producer finally came out and gave my four friends and I and 11 more people wristbands to the special cambio promotion for the chewy bar thing. 

The performance was amazing! He sang Rose Garden, Last Time Around, and Who I Am. It was so small and personal. He's so funny. When Nick was talking about his dog Elvis, my friends stared laughing. Apparantley that heard like a bark to him, so he asked who barked and whoever did should stand. It was hilarious and no one stood because they obviously didn't bark. He looked over to the 15 of us most of the time because he knew we were major fans. : )

After that, we were told we were going to be in the audience of MTV's the seven! It was so much fun! We got free Pretty Little Liars Season 1 DVDs (I guess I should start watching the show?). Then we got our picture with the host of the show.

As we were leaving the seven, guess who was heading to his car? Nick Jonas. We did not plan this. Security was bad though, but luckily Keeley finally got her picture with Nick! She got my card signed for my friend too!

One of the best days of my life! Honestly, I am so blessed to be able to do all this stuff. Nick Jonas is my hero and saved my life, so any time I can thank him I go. People think I meet the Jonas Brothers a lot, but I've only met Nick twice and Joe once and Kevin 0 times.

I dedicate this post to Keeley aka the best person ever.