Sunday, August 28, 2011

Joe Jonas in Seaside, NJ

Amazing day. Found out super last minute Joe was performing in Seaside on the beach, so a few of us decided to go. Got there super early and had second row.

looking flawless as usual. :]

Then my friends' friend told us that Joe was going to be at a radio station in Atlantic City. She had been trying to win m&gs for it, but lost. So we jumped in the car and sped to AC. We hung out there for about an hour, and then Joe showed up. He was so nice and stopped and took pics with us.


I can't believe we actually met him that day. We were not planning on it at all. Got a good beach day and met Joe. Fantastic day!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Nick Jonas 06.08.11

Decided to go into the city to try and meet him yesterday because my first time I met him, I had no voice to talk to him. Got there super early to fox and friends. He came out a few minutes after his interview and met all the fans standing there.
He's super nice : ) After that, we wanted to go to whole foods/ jamba juice for some food and drinks to celebrate. As we left, we saw that a huge bus parked outside the trump hotel. This was on it.
We couldn't believe he was there. So we stood outside and a few mins later Nick came out of the hotel! I didn't get a picture because there were fans that haven't met him yet there. He went and did an interview and went back into the hotel. Then my friend Keeley came and wanted a picture with Nick so we waited till he came out. She was about to get a picture and some girl stole him from her. We were determined to get her picture after that.

Next, we heard from people that Nick was going to be at the mtv studios to be doing a promotion thing for chewy bars. So we go get some John's pizza and head over to mtv. We were jamming to music when Keeley got a text from the producers of The Seven saying "If you're in NYC and want to see Nick Jonas, tweet me back with your names". So we all tweet her and my friend Brittany gets a dm back saying we got tickets! We run over to where the producer said she would meet us. Few minutes after that, all the fans decided to run over as well. The producer finally came out and gave my four friends and I and 11 more people wristbands to the special cambio promotion for the chewy bar thing. 

The performance was amazing! He sang Rose Garden, Last Time Around, and Who I Am. It was so small and personal. He's so funny. When Nick was talking about his dog Elvis, my friends stared laughing. Apparantley that heard like a bark to him, so he asked who barked and whoever did should stand. It was hilarious and no one stood because they obviously didn't bark. He looked over to the 15 of us most of the time because he knew we were major fans. : )

After that, we were told we were going to be in the audience of MTV's the seven! It was so much fun! We got free Pretty Little Liars Season 1 DVDs (I guess I should start watching the show?). Then we got our picture with the host of the show.

As we were leaving the seven, guess who was heading to his car? Nick Jonas. We did not plan this. Security was bad though, but luckily Keeley finally got her picture with Nick! She got my card signed for my friend too!

One of the best days of my life! Honestly, I am so blessed to be able to do all this stuff. Nick Jonas is my hero and saved my life, so any time I can thank him I go. People think I meet the Jonas Brothers a lot, but I've only met Nick twice and Joe once and Kevin 0 times.

I dedicate this post to Keeley aka the best person ever.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Meeting Joe Jonas March 16 2011

This day... What a day.... So last night Christina and I decided to hang out in Soho today cause there were rumors Joe was still there. I got a shower and when I was blow drying my hair, I made my power shut off. Finally got that on again and went to bed. Of course, my alarm did NOT go off. So I was really late picking Christina, causing us to hit traffic and miss Joe at his hotel meeting fans. We finally get to soho and walk around. Then we hung out at the starbucks. A random creeper came over to me and ask me out. I said no cause its a really creepy guy. Then he said he would commit suicide if I didnt call him o.O. He finally left after ignoring him. Don't worry guys he didn't kill himself cause he came back to that starbucks. ugh life. Anyway, we were still hanging in Starbucks waiting for our friends when Joe Jonas walks out of the building. So we ran haha and got a picture with him. He smelled so good hahaha. Then we hung out with our friends till four and left. Of course ten minutes after we left he came out again lol. I need sleep.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Meeting Nick Jonas 3.13.11

Got at the Trump International at 8 am (with three hours of sleep). Chilled outside for a while then everyone stared flipping out when they could see Nick Jonas eat breakfast in the window. That was odd aha, but whatever. Hung outside till 12:20 ish when Nick came out. He looked so good. He had on a fancy blazer and jeans. He's such a sweetheart. He met EVERY fan waiting outside to meet him. He didn't talk much because he's really sick, but still took pics. I got a side hug. Too bad I couldn't talk to him because I lost my voice. I'll save it for another time. So worth four hours in the cold!

Ocean Grove Concert 3.11.11

Got to NYC about 3 ish and then got really lost aha, but eventually got to the show! Waited in line forever until we finally got in. Got front row! Thank god for early entry tickets. Just chilled in the room until John Taylor walked by us! He said to the group in the front to cheer for the second band cause they are his best friends aka The Prigs. So we did :]. First group to come out was this odd band called meadowland. Not big on them, but somehow got the set list? I don't know aha. I'll post the pic when I find it again. Then the prigs came on and they were so freaking amazing. Look them up now. You won't regret it. They were drinking four lokos on stage (lol) and they dressed in interesting outfits. So fun! Then Ocean Grove came on and blew me away. Every song was perfection! Left early and headed to the m&g. Met them and did the mustache pose cause my friends and I are cool. Hugged them all. I think Garbo got me sick cause I haven't been able to talk since them lol!


Thursday, March 10, 2011

posting cause I am bored.

Today was filled with mixed emotions, but overall is a good day.
I'm finally seeing ocean grove on Friday. I have been obsessed with their music lately and am so glad to see/meet them. You should check them out.

Um yeah. pointless post. dance party.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Glamour Kills Show 3/4/11

Got there about 3 and hung out  in line till the show started. Met these cool bands and hung out with them for a bit named transmit now and westland. If you haven't listened to them, do it. They are freaking amazing. Taught Transmit Now how to fist pump like champs. cheyahhh. Then out of nowhere Zach came out and met some fans. Still on vocal rest, but had a great time with him. He stole my sharpie.... aha. Oh well <3 Then an hour later Cameron came out and met fans. Gave me the best hug ever <3 Then after a while finally got in. Was in the mosh pit for You, Me and Everyone We Know. Getting too old for that shit aha. Then I finally met up with my friend Christina from TJ. Chilled in the back for the rest of the show. THE DOWNTOWN FICTION IS FREAKING INSANE. I wanna see them live again. After that, the venue gave out water cause it was so freaking hot in there. They rock.
Then Allstar came on and blew me away as always aha. SANG 1985 AKA MY FAVORITE SONG. Died. They perform so so so well. 
 The Ready Set was awesome also. Met the ready set after the show and got Jordan's autograph. No pics from Nathan or Jordan cause of freaking teen fan girls. Gets worse every show. Oh well. Fun night <3
Zach and I. Hair in the face aha.
Zach's autograph on a wawa rapper. New Jersey style.
Cameron and I.
Jordan signed my ticket.
Transmit Now autograph.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

VA Nick Jonas Secret Show

If you actually read this, then you are cool. 

Left at 2:30 to go pick up my friend Christina from TJ. We drove 4 hours and finally got there. It was in the most random spot in the USA. It was in a random shopping center in a residential area aha. They ran out of wristbands 5 minutes before we got there, of course aha. We decided to wait outside in the back and try and meet nick. He came out in the same outfit he wore to New York the other day. I love that scarf ahaha <3 He legit walked right next to me to get inside. No barriers at that moment so if I wanted to I could of attacked him lol! So the show started and we figured we would wait outside to try to meet him at the end. Waited a while, made friends with the security guard ahaha, and then decided to give up. We walked by the main entrance and tried to get in and IT WORKED. We got in like half way through the show, but we got to see london foolishly live <333 Nick told a bunch of stories about writing songs. One was about Joe and BB Good. It was Joe's idea to put in the "I wanna kiss you part", so now Nick makes fun of him every time he has to sing it now LOL. Another story was about writing SOS. He was like "when I was 13, I must of been really emo haha! Stepping on broken glass. Really? haha". and then he played a little bit of FALL OUT BOY <3 died. The "bromance" between John and Nick was strong that day ;D They were talking about BB Good and John was like "Its about a girl" or something like that aha and then Nick was like "ITS ALWAYS ABOUT A GIRL!" I died laughing. Such a good show and crowd. We headed out early to try and meet nick and the barriers were shopping carts, dumpsters, and old couches LOL. Nick finally came out and said he couldnt really take any photos cause he had to head out to get ready for the white house thing. He did come over and shake peoples hands, which was nice of him :) So I sort of met him lol. Here's the video Christina took. Then we drove home. Almost had to pump gas LOL but thank god the gas station had full service pumps! Got home at 5 am. Dad was kinda mad lol but oh well so worth it :D

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Blog I will finally keep!

Hello everyone. I hope you guys like my blog. I will try to post everyday and take a picture everyday of the year. I hope you follow me :] 

A little about myself:
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Music Lover 
Concert Enthusiast 
New Jersey Devils Fan

(Cheesy Macbook Pro Pics FTW)

-Amy :]

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