Thursday, February 24, 2011

VA Nick Jonas Secret Show

If you actually read this, then you are cool. 

Left at 2:30 to go pick up my friend Christina from TJ. We drove 4 hours and finally got there. It was in the most random spot in the USA. It was in a random shopping center in a residential area aha. They ran out of wristbands 5 minutes before we got there, of course aha. We decided to wait outside in the back and try and meet nick. He came out in the same outfit he wore to New York the other day. I love that scarf ahaha <3 He legit walked right next to me to get inside. No barriers at that moment so if I wanted to I could of attacked him lol! So the show started and we figured we would wait outside to try to meet him at the end. Waited a while, made friends with the security guard ahaha, and then decided to give up. We walked by the main entrance and tried to get in and IT WORKED. We got in like half way through the show, but we got to see london foolishly live <333 Nick told a bunch of stories about writing songs. One was about Joe and BB Good. It was Joe's idea to put in the "I wanna kiss you part", so now Nick makes fun of him every time he has to sing it now LOL. Another story was about writing SOS. He was like "when I was 13, I must of been really emo haha! Stepping on broken glass. Really? haha". and then he played a little bit of FALL OUT BOY <3 died. The "bromance" between John and Nick was strong that day ;D They were talking about BB Good and John was like "Its about a girl" or something like that aha and then Nick was like "ITS ALWAYS ABOUT A GIRL!" I died laughing. Such a good show and crowd. We headed out early to try and meet nick and the barriers were shopping carts, dumpsters, and old couches LOL. Nick finally came out and said he couldnt really take any photos cause he had to head out to get ready for the white house thing. He did come over and shake peoples hands, which was nice of him :) So I sort of met him lol. Here's the video Christina took. Then we drove home. Almost had to pump gas LOL but thank god the gas station had full service pumps! Got home at 5 am. Dad was kinda mad lol but oh well so worth it :D

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