Saturday, March 5, 2011

Glamour Kills Show 3/4/11

Got there about 3 and hung out  in line till the show started. Met these cool bands and hung out with them for a bit named transmit now and westland. If you haven't listened to them, do it. They are freaking amazing. Taught Transmit Now how to fist pump like champs. cheyahhh. Then out of nowhere Zach came out and met some fans. Still on vocal rest, but had a great time with him. He stole my sharpie.... aha. Oh well <3 Then an hour later Cameron came out and met fans. Gave me the best hug ever <3 Then after a while finally got in. Was in the mosh pit for You, Me and Everyone We Know. Getting too old for that shit aha. Then I finally met up with my friend Christina from TJ. Chilled in the back for the rest of the show. THE DOWNTOWN FICTION IS FREAKING INSANE. I wanna see them live again. After that, the venue gave out water cause it was so freaking hot in there. They rock.
Then Allstar came on and blew me away as always aha. SANG 1985 AKA MY FAVORITE SONG. Died. They perform so so so well. 
 The Ready Set was awesome also. Met the ready set after the show and got Jordan's autograph. No pics from Nathan or Jordan cause of freaking teen fan girls. Gets worse every show. Oh well. Fun night <3
Zach and I. Hair in the face aha.
Zach's autograph on a wawa rapper. New Jersey style.
Cameron and I.
Jordan signed my ticket.
Transmit Now autograph.

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  1. hey just wanted to say yo! This is Dan! i kicked ur butt in mario party today!