Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Meeting Joe Jonas March 16 2011

This day... What a day.... So last night Christina and I decided to hang out in Soho today cause there were rumors Joe was still there. I got a shower and when I was blow drying my hair, I made my power shut off. Finally got that on again and went to bed. Of course, my alarm did NOT go off. So I was really late picking Christina, causing us to hit traffic and miss Joe at his hotel meeting fans. We finally get to soho and walk around. Then we hung out at the starbucks. A random creeper came over to me and ask me out. I said no cause its a really creepy guy. Then he said he would commit suicide if I didnt call him o.O. He finally left after ignoring him. Don't worry guys he didn't kill himself cause he came back to that starbucks. ugh life. Anyway, we were still hanging in Starbucks waiting for our friends when Joe Jonas walks out of the building. So we ran haha and got a picture with him. He smelled so good hahaha. Then we hung out with our friends till four and left. Of course ten minutes after we left he came out again lol. I need sleep.

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