Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ocean Grove Concert 3.11.11

Got to NYC about 3 ish and then got really lost aha, but eventually got to the show! Waited in line forever until we finally got in. Got front row! Thank god for early entry tickets. Just chilled in the room until John Taylor walked by us! He said to the group in the front to cheer for the second band cause they are his best friends aka The Prigs. So we did :]. First group to come out was this odd band called meadowland. Not big on them, but somehow got the set list? I don't know aha. I'll post the pic when I find it again. Then the prigs came on and they were so freaking amazing. Look them up now. You won't regret it. They were drinking four lokos on stage (lol) and they dressed in interesting outfits. So fun! Then Ocean Grove came on and blew me away. Every song was perfection! Left early and headed to the m&g. Met them and did the mustache pose cause my friends and I are cool. Hugged them all. I think Garbo got me sick cause I haven't been able to talk since them lol!


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